Investing in Female Founder by backing

Backing #earlystage innovation as #techinvestor is my Mission – Finding Great Tech and Female Founders makes it even better! Excited to join this amazing group in giving women access to female health via

The need to diverse your team by adding both Female and Male founder from different walks of life is the most crucial part of future innovation. The reasoning behind it is not only understanding how tech is used during other circumstances its also how different cultures, ages, religion biases will help or tip your venture to failure och success. As a early stage tech investor I have not been able in the past to pick and choose based on team. I always look at depth of tech and team comes in later in my due diligence. However; it becomes more and more interesting to se the subtle shifts when implementing tech by adding several layers of perspectives. So today announcing myself as a super #proudbacker to techteam Grace.Health led by Estelle Westling, Thérèse Mannheimer and Roman Jasins. Click here to Read the full DI Digital Female Founder article.

Grymma Väldigt kul att vara med som investerare och tillsammans gör vi kvinnohälsa tillgängligt för alla #Proudbacker #nordvest

Accounts to follow and get updated info:
Twitter account: @Gracehealth_
Instagram: @Grace.health_
Facebook: Grace Health Period Tracker
Twitter accounts: @estellewestling @teddschen @nordvalla


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