STOAF – Partner 

  • Stockholms Business Angels – are a business angel driven venture- finance- and competence group – that invest in advanced technology and future fast-growing companies that will create new industries and make a difference in the world. Investing early stage companies backing deep technology ventures crossing the chasm. +50 business angels who have pooled time, international networks, experience and money together in order to help promising teams and ventures to grow to their global potential.  

Capital A Partners – Venture Advisor

  • Capital A Partners is an early stage Venture Fund investing in dynamic companies and entrepreneurs focused on the sectors of Technology (SaaS Mobile), Media, Telecom, Consumer Products, and Industrial / Clean Technologies. Cap A is based in Charleston, SC, Stockholm, Sweden, and New York City and invests throughout the Eastern US and Northern Europe, including Scandinavia.

Covr Security

  • Covr Security has developed a mobile security platform service that represents a paradigm shift in digital behaviour by providing the first truly user-centric control over digital security and, by extension, personal data. In short, user-centric control, in and of itself, is, in many ways, the next generation of security protection and, indeed, begins to meet the rising cultural and demographic demand for more digital control.


  • Junyverse phone is a mobile soft device that you can download just like any other app. With Junyverse you can call anyone, anywhere and anytime without being dependent on a mobile data connection to the Internet.  Soft number’s in any country will be added to your main phone, topping up prepaid service as you go. Specialising on Social media, IM, Calling incl. minute or money transfer.


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