Early stage tech investor, Creative Strategist, Business Innovator

Creative Strategist and Business Innovator connecting efficient problem solving between idea, business innovation, and result. Early stage tech investor and Business Angel engaging and high energy that thrives on creating higher value, like bringing old and new, or to early to perfect timing. I love Sales, Syndication investments, Collaborations, Mergers and Acquisitions. Changing the culture by investing for a sustainable future.

Active Early stage tech investor since 30 years back with Family Office Nordvest and 2408Design. Partner with STOAF and Venture Partner with Butterfly Ventures Nordic deep tech fund. Co-Founding Board member NordicBAN (Nordic Business Angel Network). Chairwoman We Don’t Have Time – Empowering Green Planet Business choices, Chairwoman Covr Security decentralizing Authetication-as-a-Service. CEO and Chapter President to Keiretsu Forum Nordics, the largest most Active Business Angel Investor network in the world. Managing Founder Partner to Cross Nordic Capital; a co-owned joint venture investing by syndicating with KFN members and guests.

Appointed by Di Digital as one of Sweden’s Most Powerful Tech-investors 2015, 2016. Named at Nordic100 Most Influential Person 2017 Nominated as Pay-it-forward Investor 2017 at Swedish Start-up Gala. Mentioned in EBAN 2018 report as 200+ Most Active Business Angels in Europe. Cored at Venture Cup Swedish Country final 2018 as ”Sweden’s nicest Business Angel”.

As a well trained and certified Astrologer, by Debra Silverman and Malena Metz, Anette brings in a new dimension of individual awareness to any Entrepreneur, Start-up, group lifting individual Superpowers to the surface. Check out more here.

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