CAP A launches it’s 3rd US-Nordic fund!

Nordics and US-focused venture capital house Capital A Partners has launched a new fund targeting $60m.

So excited as Venture Partner – We are very excited to announce that CAP has early commitment from California-based Universal Electronics, a control device and IoT Technologies company.  CAP A focus to investing in early stage companies in the Nordic region. Cover across the internet of things, mobility, human-computer interaction, nanotechnology, advanced materials and security layer technologies sectors. The Nordic  region has tremendous heritage of industrial technology. All from development, design and engineering expertise which has created many very exciting new companies in the B2B space and flourish ecosystems.

Qurious in CAP A check website. We are looking for more local capital in Sweden a well. Ping me. Read more about CAP A article via AltAssets – The Alternative Assets Network.


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